June 2nd, 2011



Well, I had an Upper GI Endoscopy today and I thought i'd share my experience. I was extremely nervous but really had no reason to be so I thought i'd share in case someone who is going to have one is worried or nervous.

 I usually do not get nervous about things like this - i'm usually pretty good and can handle it. But, as luck would have it, my anxiety has been higher than ever before in the last few weeks and naturally the idea of someone sticking something down my throat and having a rummage did not help. Also, my contraceptive pill has been changed again so my hormones have been all over the place making me extremely agitated and irritable and teary. Added to that i've been going through a depressive episode so you can imagine the state i was in this morning on the way to the hospital. I was constantly weeping the whole time - even when I was feeling calm lol.

Anyway, when I arrived a nurse met with me and confirmed my name etc and asked me to confirm my symptoms (GERD, Mysterious right side pain worse when hungry or needing to urinate, bowel symptoms). She then took my blood pressure and measured my heart rate (my heart rate was up but it usually is ! ) I expressed concern that i would be aware of the procedure. The nurse said that I would be able to talk to the consultant performing the endoscopy beforehand about my concerns. I was then taken into another room and given a trolley bed to lie on while I waited. I was given the consent form to read through but told not to sign anything until I had spoken to the consultant and was completely comfortable. I was told I did not have to put on a hospital gown as the procedure was so quick. I then had a canular inserted (stung a bit as it was right on my wrist but nothing unbareable). I even asked the nurse to flush it with saline to be sure it was in properly which they did.

Then I was wheeled into the scope room. That's when I started hyperventilating and shaking - but the Consultant was lovely and explained the procedure and before I asked assured me I would be knocked out before anything happened. I was then given a throat spray to numb the throat. It wasn't the most pleasant taste but not really any different to taking a shot of vodka, lol. I was then asked to lie on my left side I was then given a mouth piece to keep the mouth open and told to bite it to keep it in place. Then they gave me the sedative, the last thing I remember is hearing the consultant say "Make sure she's out, if not give her a bit more."

The next thing I remember is waking up to see the bib they had given me to protect my clothes with some stains on it - not blood or anything like that just a bit of bile. I pushed it off me and i THINK i was in the recovery room when I woke up as I have no recollection of leaving the scope room. Within 15 minutes after the procedure I was awake and was given a glass of water. My throat was not sore at this point and I was able to drink fine. I was then helped to the waiting room where my mum was waiting to wait for the results. I was given some biscuits to eat which again I had no problems with. I was still a little bit wobbly on my legs but okay. 

The results for me showed evidence of GERD, "streaking oesophegitis" (inflammation of the oesophegas due to gerd) and a Hiatal Hernia (the nurse was a little suprised when both my mum and I cheered "yes!" but I have been suffering for years and have only JUST gone a diagnosis so it was a relief to have a reason for the pain). I was also told there is a possibility I have a bacterial infection but I won't get results of that until tommorow. Then I was allowed to go home (about an hour and a half after arriving at the hosptial). I went home and slept for a few hours.

 My throat is now a bit sore but it feels exactly like when you are getting a cold - I can still eat and drink fine. My chest aches a little bit and my stomach too but no different to usual for me. My jaw is also very sore now as I have TMJD.

And that's it! So it really is not as bas as i thought - it was just the way i like it - go to sleep, wake up and its done lol