April 11th, 2011


3 guys 1 hammer

So, someone sent me a video the other day called '3 guys 1 hammer'. She was saying it was some fake vid going round the net and daring people to watch it. Curiosity always prevails with me and these things - I figured it was like 2 girls 1 cup (I managed 30 seconds of that before throwing up).

 Unfortunately, a few seconds in, I realised what this video actually was. It was a guy being tortured to death. And it was real. I'd heard about it on the news, the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs, two teenagers who killed a total of 21 people (or at least that's how many murders they were charged with) in the space of a few weeks (as well as killing and torturing many animals over the years). The attacks were random - anyone could be a victim.

Against my better judgement I continued to watch the video. I guess if i'm being completely honest a kind of morbid curiosity took over me. But what I was curious to see was not the blood and gore - but the murderers - how were they reacting? What was going on there - what makes someone do something like that?

I have to say i've seen a lot of blood and gore - I regularly watch citizen journalism videos in a vague attempt to be aware of what is really going on in the world. The video wasn't really that gory. But what was truly sickening and disturbed me to my very core were two things; firstly, the helpless gurgles of the man being tortured, the final extinguishing of life. Particularly knowing the history of this man who had only just recovered from throat cancer. But even more so, the murderers. How calm they were. Not only calm, but laughing. Enjoying it. Getting a kick out of it. Nothing else going on behind their eyes. No occasional flickers of guilt, or even anger. Just very calmly torturing this poor man for fun. As a hobby. Watching them clean their weapons, laughing and giggling at what they had just done (in broad daylight, you even hear a train go by during the video).

I know many people would say "if there was ever a good argument for the death penalty this would be it." But, I have to say I disagree. Why should these (I don't even want to say 'people') beings be granted the luxury of escape through death? They didn't grant that victim that luxury during the hours they tortured him. Even though I know somewhere within me what i'd like to do is morally wrong - it's such an emotional subject. If I had the power, i'd lock them up in a dark room with a tiny bit of light, no food but a bit of water occasionally to keep them alive. And i'd let them rot slowly in their own shit. It would be pointless in inflicting pain on them - they'd probably get off on it. No, the worse punishment in my mind is keeping them in hell. Not letting them die. Making them suffer for as long as possible.

Just needed to vent that.
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Just found out I got 77% on my first assingment for Biological psychology. The assignment was on Neurochemistry and the brainstem. I am so fucking over the moon it's ridiculous! Especially considering I have never done any biology before! (and it's also kind of sweet as it's a level 2 course with the OU and i'm also taking a level 1 course for which i got 54% on my last assignment all because of not having a big enough margin and stupid shit like that).

I feel worthwhile for the first time in a long time.
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