March 18th, 2011



I cannot stand this. I've been away working for a couple of days and have finally been able to catch up with the news and almost wish I hadn't. Now, let me get this out of the way first: I completely support the IDEA of a no-fly zone in Libya. I think what the Libyan people are going through is horrific. HOWEVER, the problem is - I don't trust OUR politicians. I'm talking mainly about the UK here for the simple reason I know more about it but I think most of the general points apply for other countries, too.

 It's a complicated issue - and I myself am constantly debating both sides in my head. Firstly, we have the often-used but nonetheless valid point of - OK, what's going on in Libya is terrible and it's great we are doing something but what about the many other countries with monarchs and governments commiting human rights violations?....

Well, we cannot be the world's police...we cannot help EVERYONE it's impossible. It's better to help someone rather than no one at all...right?

Hmmm...I would accept that if it wasn't for all the other extra bonuses the west could stand to gain along with military intervention in Libya. Lets remember much of Libya remains unexplored (by outsiders at least) meaning it could possibly be the country with the biggest source of Oil in the world, for example.

And then you get everyone's favourite fucktard David Cameron today, saying, "I believe that we cannot stand back and let a dictator whose people have rejected him kill his people indiscriminately. To do so would send a chilling signal to others."

Right. I think that sounds fair enough. So, tell me, why are we not trying to help; Zimbabwe? Or Jordan? Or Yemen? Or Saudi Arabia? Or Bahrain? Or Syria? Or China? Or..well you get the point. You've already sent out that "chilling signal" Mr Cameron, and I tell you something - it's fucking freezing here.

Oh and lets not forget that military intervention (and lets face it what will probably be a war) means our troops (and not to mentions god knows how many innocent civillians) are going to be injured and killed. And what does the UK Government do? Defence Cuts! Yeah! Lets get Gaddaffi - who cares if the army can't do their job properly or how many people get killed - THINK ABOUT HOW GOOD WE WILL LOOK (except they won't and I struggle to understand why they still don't quite get that).

Christ, we couldn't even get our people out of Libya when the uprising began. The plane fucking broke down at Heathrow (was it Heathrow?) Airport. Oh yeah, this is going to go reaaaally well. You are right Nick Clegg, This is not another Iraq. It's far, far worse.

I've got to end this rant before my head implodes. But let me leave you with this last disgusting point: Gaddafi bombs his people, we charge in. At the same time, the people of Bahrain are being STOPPED from getting hospital treatment (among so many other equally horrific acts) and what do we do? We invite the perpretrators to the Royal wedding!

It almost reminds me of when the British sent all those Eastern European POWs back into Russian hands after "liberating" them knowing damn well they were going to be killed.

I hate this world. I really, really do. And if there is a God (which seems more and more unlikely with every day that goes by) hurry up and end the world because it's a total fuck up.
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