August 19th, 2010


Requests & Others

Actors: Cillian Murphy, Jensen Ackles, Joe Flangigan, Richard Armitage, Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, Jude Law, Paul Walker.
Actresses: Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet, Alexis Bledel, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Graham, Melanie Laurent.
Historical: Elizabeth I.
Movies: Girl Interrupted, Monsters Inc, Gladiator, Disney (Various), A Little Princess, Transformers, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Remember Me, My Girl, The Age Of Innocence, Master And Commander.
Music: Lady Gaga, Regina Spektor, Aimee Mann, Darren Hayes, Christina Aguilera.
Television: Friends, Gilmore Girls, Band Of Brothers, The Tudors, House, True Blood, Smallville.
Misc: Stock.


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