February 24th, 2008


A little confession...

Well, i figured it's about time i did this - it's not really that big a deal but i thought i ought to say something. Some of you might have guessed already, but i used to have another livejournal account - aboleyn. I wrote in a post before that <lj user="aboleyn" had given me "permission" to re-vamp the Titanic mood theme - but of course what actually happened, was i gave myself permission to re-vamp my own titanic mood theme. The reason i abandoned my previous account was mainly because my career was taking off, and due to the nature of my job, i panicked a little bit - i didn't want to be so easily accessible. I also wanted to be able to blog about my private thoughts and feelings, and i didn't want to do this on that account as too many people close to me knew about it. Before i go on i would like to apologize to any of my previous LJ friends that i have been in contact with via this account for not telling you it was me - i wasn't entirely sure what i wanted to do with this account (whether or not i would be writing personal things, in which case i was too frightened to let you guys see it). I have now begun hand-writing a diary, which is now where most of my very private personal thoughts and feelings will go, and therefore this account doesn't need to be so private anymore. I plan to make some real entries a lot more often on here, and of course will continue to make graphics. So, for those who don't know me, it's time to introduce myself properly: My name is Mia, i'm 19 years old (20 on the 3rd of March) from England. I'm an Actress, slowly working my way up the showbiz ladder..I've been acting for 2 years, and so far have been very lucky to get some substantial roles in some English TV Shows (Episodes in TV Dramas and things like that so far). Not much else to tell really... So, i suppose i should get on with a proper entry (if you are still reading and haven't immediately deleted me from your friends list, that is). Well, i am due to start filming a short film written by the fantastic Jessica Townsend, in Weston Supermare this coming weekend (1st and 2nd of March). I'm playing a small but important role, the character is a total bitch, i love her. She's described as sexy too which is a first for me. I usually play the loud mouth chavvy 15 year old so this is a welcome change. I also need to do a west country accent, which is extremely nerve-racking. I've never had a very good ear for accents, some i've always been able to do without even thinking about it (such as a generalized American accent or a south london accent - even RP). But this one is HARD. It's a very strong accent in general, i'm finding it very difficult. I wish the character could be from London, but Jessica wants her to be from the west country, and fair enough, it's her vision after all. I'll keep slogging away at it, been listening to Stephen Merchant on the radio and watching films like Hot Fuzz and various tv shows. Hopefully, it will be satisfactory - i really don't want to let anyone down. The producer of the film, Sophie, had asked specifically to see me for the lead in this film as she had seen me previously for another short film, in the summer of last year. I also recieved a lovely e-mail from Nadia, another Actress but who is helping to produce the film rather than act in it, saying the wonderful things Sophie had said about me and the details about the film. I eagerly went to the audition, it was going well. Then i saw Sophie whisper something in Nadia's ear. Nadia nodded in agreement. Jessica asked what was wrong and Sophie asked if i would be willing to read for the smaller part of the bitch because, she said, she thought i could pull it off. (Later on, i found out i was actually a bit too young looking for the lead). Nadia looked a bit shocked and later confessed to me that she wouldn't have had the balls to ask me to read for a smaller part when i was there to audition for the lead. I, personally, was thrilled, i loved the character when i read the script and knew i could do it well, so of course i agreed to read for the part there and then. Nadia said she thought i could really give it some welly - be really vicious, which she said, is something rare. I enjoy playing those sorts of characters, it comes quite quickly to me, not that i'm a vicious person in real life, but they sure are fun to play. My mum is going to join me in Weston for the shoot although i doubt she will come to set as she finds it an extremely boring experience (which it can be - often). She's always wanted to go to Weston, plus it's mother's day on the sunday, so i figured she may as well join me. And at least i won't wake up all alone on my birthday on the monday! I also got a part in an episode of a regular day time drama series for the BBC. I'll be playing a heavily pregnant girl - which will be interesting (i wonder what the pregnancy body suit will feel like?). They have booked me in for 5th-13th March, but i will probably only be shooting 2 or 3 days within that time period. Anywho, i'm pretty tired, so i'm offski. x
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