January 23rd, 2008


R.I.P. Heath Ledger

I can't believe Heath Ledger is dead. My thoughts go to his friends and family, especially his daughter. What a terrible tragedy, a man so talented and so young. Even though the cause of his death has not been confirmed (suspected drug overdose, it is unknown if it was suicide or accidental), his struggle with being in the spotlight has been highlighted. I wonder, how long we will continue to allow ordinary people (the vast majority anyway) who are just their jobs which just so happens to mean they are seen all over the world to be hounded and suffocated by the papparazzi. It is well known that the paps are worse here in the UK than in the USA and it's understandable why so many british actors move abroad (as well as Heath Ledger not being able to move back to Austrailia because of the attention he recieved). I understand, as a member of the acting industry, that the red carpet, promoting of films, interviews etc are all part of the job - fine. But why do we feel the need to delve into people's personal lives, splattering it all over the newspapers, causing embarrassment, pain and problem after problem. Why do we feel the need to ruin these people's lives? Is it jealousy - because they have been so successful? I'm not pretending to not be interested in Celebrities lives - i'm interested in people in general's lives, but if the information i recieve is causing them pain and stress then i'd rather not know. Let them get on with their lives.

People often think celebrities have such fantastic lives "oooh look they have so much money, they can get into any club they want" etc etc - sure they have some great perks. But if you really stop to think what they are dealing with everyday you realise it isn't as great as you originally thought. Can you imagine, every bad hair day, everytime you're ill, everytime something embarrassing happening being documented at every turn for everyone to see? Can you imagine walking down the street and absolutely everyone knowing who you are (or at least think they do). Losing one's annonymity is one of the single most frightening things to me - i think we take our annonymity for granted and its not until we lose it that we realise exactly how precious it was in the first place.

So, for those fame-hungry wannabes out there - be careful what you wish for. Peace x
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