October 20th, 2007


calling all avenging angels

 Hmm, interesting night last night. Ryan was there, with his family, so i didn't get to speak to him for much of the evening. But luckily a few friends were there so i was having a good time with them so wasn't really too bothered. However, did meet a guy, much older than me, we were chatting and according to him he has written a few plays, has been mentioned in a famous book, and is currently writing a book himself. He showed me his driver's licsence lol to prove his name and told me to go and check and see if he is lying. So far i can't find him anywhere, but to be completely honest i don't remember his name so i may be getting it wrong. He was pretty drunk, told me his life story and then said he was going to make some calls to help me fulfil my dream to work with a certain English actor. He Guarenteed i'd get a call by next Friday otherwise i can call him a liar..lol He wants to meet down the pub on Monday, in his words "nuffin sexual or anything like that, we can stay ere woteva you're comfortable with just have a chat". I will probably go (and take Dave with me, just in case). You never know, and even though it seems unlikely anything will come of it, if i don't try i will always wonder what could of happened. So, where's the harm?

 A friend of mine, Ross, is coming round tonight to watch a movie, and we may pop round to Dave's afterwards as he has a free house. Dave will probably be pissed after watching the football and then the rugby, so i can feel a few drunken facebook videos will be made.

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